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Helen Schryver captures families finally meeting their lockdown newborns

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During the covid-19 pandemic, you may have missed out on many priceless moments that come only once in a lifetime. Perhaps you are a grandparent or great-grandparent who has missed out on the opportunity to meet a newborn in your family due to restrictions. Many babies may have been born over the course of a year and have yet to meet any family members.

Helen Schryver had been in a similar situation, as she had been unable to meet her nephew, who had been born in April 202, due to travel restrictions. She had photographed 13 newborns who had been born during the lockdown and were meeting their families for the first time. And she’d just published a new one in which she’d listed her personal favorites from the project.

#1 Saul

image credits: boredpanda

Little Saul will meet his grandmother, Jill, and her husband, Gerry. Gerry will meet Saul by touching because he can’t see. Saul has only met one of his grandparents and none of his cousins.

#2 Jude and Jane

image credits: boredpanda

Jude meets his one and only great grandmother. It would be nice if she could give him a hug.

#3 Patricia and Zachary

image credits: boredpanda

Zachary’s great-grandmother, Patricia, is 95 years old. He is extremely fortunate to meet someone who was born nearly a century before him. And their encounter would be memorable for both of them.

#4 Eleanor

image credits: boredpanda

The little girl born during the Christmas Lockdown finally meets her uncle and aunt in person for the first time. Only through the window and Zoom calls had she met them.

#5 George

image credits: boredpanda

As Greeks, they place a high value on family. They couldn’t see each other because of the pandemic. And here’s 7-month-old George meeting the family.

#6 Leo

image credits: boredpanda

For the first time, Leo, who is only three months old, meets his great aunt and great cousins. They are sharing a very special moment.

#7 Benjamin

image credits: boredpanda

It’s an honor to be the first grandchild of both sets of grandparents. They’ve finally met after such a long time, and they’ve even met Benjamin, their first grandchild.

#8 some other special moments captured

image credits: boredpanda

Seeing newborns for the first time is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will not have again. Everyone values their family, and it’s difficult not to stay together and spend time with the children.


image credits: boredpanda


image credits: boredpanda

Please let us know your thoughts on this. Have you ever been in a situation like this during a lockdown?



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