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For the First Time, an Artist Illustrates Adorable and Hilarious Moments in Life as a Parent

We’ve been following Tel-Aviv illustrator Yehuda Devir’s ongoing comic series One of Those Days for years. His endearing drawings hilariously depict his and his wife Maya’s love for one another. The lovely couple has gone through it all in their relationship, from passionate kisses to hilarious fights to the long road to motherhood. But their most recent news added to the excitement of their real-life and comics lives: their newborn daughter, Ariel, was welcomed with open arms!

From changing diapers to sleepless nights, Devir’s comics are all too relatable for kids. Even though having a newborn child is difficult, the artist’s illustrations show that he also brought a lot of love and joy into the world. The famous doppelgängers depicted in the illustration show the couple lavishing their first child with a full head of thick, black hair, which she undoubtedly inherited from her mother.

Follow Devir on Instagram for more adorable comics and scroll down to see some of the first baby Ariel comics.

Yehuda Devir’s most recent illustrations from his One of Those Days series depict what life is like for him and his wife, Leah, with their newborn baby, Ariel.


© instagram/jude_devir


© instagram/jude_devir

#3 For parents with children, his amusing comics are all too relevant.

© instagram/jude_devir


© instagram/jude_devir


© instagram/jude_devir


© instagram/jude_devir


© instagram/jude_devir


© instagram/jude_devir


© instagram/jude_devir


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