Without a doubt, dogs are our guardian angels. They are lifesavers for us. Your dog will bravely face any adversity in order to save you! Even an angel could find it in need of assistance. This story is about a specific moment, and you’ll be surprised to learn who came looking for him!

The Everyday Jumpseater

Michele Burt, her husband Steven, & their 3 dogs flew from Florida to Massachusetts on a JetBlue flight. Because they have traveled many times, it was supposed to be a routine flight. The Burts had the dogs in carriers-under their seats, as per protocol. However, shortly after takeoff, Michele noticed that Darcy the French bulldog, one of her adoring dogs, was having breathing problems.

Darcie’s carrier was opened, and she checked on her. She was well-aware that she was breaking the airline’s rules, but her dog’s life was in jeopardy at the time.

She noticed that her tongue was blue and realized that it was due to a lack of oxygen. She then pulled her from beneath the seat and sat her on her lap to cool down. Darcy was panicking and frantically breathing, so she helped her relax.

The Everyday Jumpseater

Flight attendant Renaud Fenster had no idea what was going on. He initially asked Michell to put back her dog, as the flight protocol is extremely strict in situations like this. Sooner he realized that it might be something serious, so he rushed to help with his colleague Diane Asher.

The 2 crew members initially used some ice bags to cool Darcy down. But it was kind of unsuccessful. Then Renaud, who also owns a French Bulldog, had another idea that goes against the protocols. He was ready to take the risk, in order to save the poor dog’s life.

The Everyday Jumpseater

Renaud brought a small oxygen-tank with a mask attached and offered it. They thought it would help. And Renaud and Diane’s actions saved Darcy’s life, even though they had to act against the rules.

Renaud and Diane saved the dog by doing their job well. After they landed Darcy was fully recovered. Michele even wrote a letter to thank the kind attendants and JetBlue.

JetBlue also wrote a statement saying that their mission is to inspire humanity. The company also was proud about the crew members.


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