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During Paul Walker’s daughter’s wedding, Vin Diesel led her down the aisle.

A family is a close-knit group of people in which everyone finds strength and support. If the world is against you, they will always be there for you.  Friday, October 22nd, a very special person’s Instagram account demonstrated this to the entire world.  

Her father regarded Vin Diesel to be his brother. She went down the aisle at her own wedding while holding on to the arm of the guy who her father considered to be his brother, Paul Walker’s lovely daughter. 

Meadow Walker, who is 22 years old, just married Louis Thornton-Allan in the Dominican Republic. Meadow is the daughter of a former military officer. Even though Meadow is a successful model herself, her special day was made even more memorable by the presence of her father’s “Fast and Furious” co-star, Diesel. Vin Diesel was bound and determined to be present at this event. As evidenced by Meadow’s Instagram image and the caption she included with her post about her big day, Continue reading to find out more about this heartwarming story. 

More info & Photo courtesy: Meadow Walker


Meadow WalkerImage Credits: Meadow Walker


Meadow WalkerImage Credits: Meadow Walker

After developing a deep and strong friendship with Paul Walker while working on the massive film franchise, they became real-life closest friends who were always there for each other. After Paul Walker was killed in a terrible vehicle accident in 2013, the world mourned for eight years. The world has moved on, but Vin Diesel has maintained contact with Paul’s family throughout the years. 


Meadow WalkerImage Credits: Meadow Walker

Meadow’s father died when she was just fifteen years old. Diesel accepted the role of Meadow Walker’s godfather wholeheartedly, and he has carried out his responsibilities ever since. When it was revealed that Vin Diesel had taken Meadow’s father’s place at her wedding, it was a very heartbreaking moment for everyone involved. This demonstrates the open-hearted fraternity between these two guys, which extends to one other’s families. 


Meadow WalkerImage Credits: Meadow Walker

It was demonstrated when Meadow shared a photo with Vin Diesel’s children with the phrase “family, forever!” on Instagram, indicating that the two families have become one. Meadow’s forthcoming nuptials are a special occasion for us, and we wish her the best.  



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