You won’t remember every Person on AGT as each person comes with a specialty. Although we could something extraordinary from the comedians in the earliest AGT versions, literally, we are used to that. Lots of people have been able to be comedians on the AGT and it has been a rare incident to send them to even the next rounds. But, when it comes to Mike E. Winfield, he has had a specialty or something extraordinary. He could not only go to the next rounds, but ended up being in the finals. We will explain to you, how he went through, what he did. How Mike E. Winfield is spending after AGT, and how close he is to social media.

Mike E Winfield

Early Life

Mike E. Winfield was born in Baltimore. Although he is a comedian with lots of exposure, he has been extra careful to hide his age. We still don’t know when he was born or how old he is. It looks like he is in end twenties or early thirties to us. He has explained his childhood to be something unworthy. Once Mike E. Winfield had stated to a website that he had hated school days and he was waiting until he reached home from home. The only reason why he wanted to go to school was to learn. Mike has not been in a serious relationship with either friends or those who taught him.

Moving into Sacramento was one of his crucial changes. As Mike has explained, it has happened for his own good. He could be a comedian as a result of this. This is where Mike could learn the basics of acting and making others laugh even in any situation. Mike had set his ambitions to act on drams and it had been a dream to get there. That is why he had to do some minor jobs after learning as well.

Family and relationships

Mike’s mother is the only person whom Mike appreciates for being with him. We can see that she is still taking care of the kid although how bigger he is. She had not only come to the very first AGT appearance but, semis and the finals to see Mike performing. Another good thing happened at Sacramento was to have new friends. Mile found lots of career level friends at the new place. However, Mike did not make any girlfriends there as he was too young and had a dream to be achieved. Even after finishing the GAT in some sort of style, Mike is not engaged or keeping any relationship. As soon as we find some information about that, we will update this article.

What happened at America’s Got Talent auditions?

On the stage, Mike did not get any proper comment regarding the welcoming. He had chosen a dialogue which seemed to be making nothing on the judges. Later on, the judges and the audience realized that it contained something humorous and rhyming. The dialogue had been a well-remembered one which Mike arranged earlier. 

The script was admired by the audience with claps and shouts and we can see that the entire audience was enjoying Mike’s comedy. However, it did not last until two months and the comments came about the duration too.

The judges had been astonished by Mike. Simon said that those two minutes were among the most valuable minutes of his life and he enjoyed listening to his dialogues. In the end, Mike had got two minutes and he was straight in the next round.

Did he go to Finals?

Yes Mike E Winfield into the Finals of AGT. Along with the “older” wife and his stepson act, Mike had won the audience as well as the judges. It was Howie who had been more needed in Mike’s act than anyone else. Among the contestants in the second round, it was Mike who had got second most votes due to his act on AGT. Howie Mandela had dreamed of Mike winning the AGT Title and the grand prize. Also, he mentioned “If you don’t get enough votes on AGT, I will give you a chance. You may come and visit me on stage”. 

Also he mentioned “”I think he’s unique. I think he’s a star in himself. I love everything he’s talking about. I like the way he dresses and his glasses and the way he looks. I liked everything about him. I think the kid is a star. I thought that was the best performance of the night.”.

In the final act, Mike had worn a fancy sung glass along with a shiny suit. Also, he was using a new dialogue on the stage which anyone had never seen. The funny talk was more than he produced and he was expected to beat everyone. It did not happen.

However, Mike could not get votes more than Mayyas, the Lebanese dancing team. Although he could go up to a some extent, Mike could not make it.


Mike is old about 15-18 years on the comedy field. He started as a stage comedian and made a name in front of comedy acts. Then he took time to learn acting, singing, and even script writing. The specialty about Mike E Winfield was his ability to take everything into social media and make him more popular.  Mike has produced some movies as well. They are Acting Out (2016), Brad Paisley and Friends (2017), and Virgin Produced: Comedy Vault. The best way to name Mike is as a comedian who is using influencing, sponsoring, affiliate marketing, and social media to become who he is now.

Social media

Social media is among the factor that made him a comedian. Mike has been suing social media since he got on to acting. Twitter is the most successful social media platform for the artists along with 72,000 followers. He is constantly updating content related to twitter. Mike has uploaded more than 2000 posts to Instagramming been able to get 30,000+ followers on Instagram. He is using facebook, twitter as well as strategies such as hashtags to keep a certain audience for his comedy acts. The influencer is updating content related his ongoing shows, upcoming events, appearances on viral video, influencing materials, and special memories

Recently, Mike started his official website and anyone can coordinate home through the forum. Mike has started an affiliate store where he is selling clothes. If you visit his website, you will be able to purchase T shirts, shorts, trousers, and comes ladies’ clothes at an average price of $25l. Other than them, there are socks and basic handbags that have printed the Mike’s name and face.

We can assume that Mike E Winfield will step in to Youtube as he doesn’t have a channel yet. But, anyone can watch some of his live performances recorded by world known Youtube channels. More importantly, they have got millions of views.

What is Mike E. Winfield doing after AGT?

As you already know, Mike could not make it to the victory. But, the entire world knows him thanks to AGT. Mike has launched ongoing activities on several; ways. His website is crucial. Due to the fame he got, Mike is using his website to sell his products. His website can be used to arrange a time with the artists as well. We tried to contact him and could contact the artist as well. Although he could not reach the victory he did not take it seriously as well. Mike was asked to Jon to Howie’s work and he did not accept that offer till this moment.

Mike E Winfield Net worth

Mike E Winfield net worth is about $230,000. Although he could not win the AGT title, he is acting, writing scripts, singing, taking part in live shows, influencing, sponsoring to brands, selling his products. They make some revenue and his current net worth is made of them. However, we can see that Mike still dentist have a youtube channel. He will start one soon.


  • Did Mike E Winfield win the AGT title 2022?
  • No. He did not get enough votes to get the victory.  
  • How is Mike Earning?
  • He does lots of things to earn money. Acting, singing, script writing, influencing and, his affiliate links are the vital factors to decide his net worth.
  • Why did Mike E Winfield not get the AGT victory?
  • He did not get enough votes from public. Although he did present something exceptional compared to the earliest act on AGT, Mike was not lucky to win more votes than Mayyas.
  • Is Mike E Winfield married?
  • No. He is not married yet. He has not revealed he is dating someone or has seen someone in the past. But, we can assume that he is close to his mother as he is still too young.
  • How old is Mike E Winfield?
  • Mike has not revealed his birthday or the age. We can see that he is in end twenties or early thirties.


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