After the death of Queen Elizabeth, people never seemed happy. It was a world famous funeral, but anyone has not seen like this for a long time. Therefore thousands of people gathered to pay their respect to her majesty.

David Beckham waits 12 hours to pay his respects to Queen Elizabeth. LOUISA GOULIAMAKI/AFP VIA GETTY

The queen Elizabeth was transported in a procession from Buckingham palace to Westminster hall on 14th of September 2022. Thousands of people were gathered to see this event. This hall was opened for 24 hours for the public and most people were come to respect her. However it was a very long queue which has begun to stretch out into historic lengths.

This line was long more than 8 km. all of we know, we have daily routines like bathing, eating, sleeping any more. But these people didn’t want to do these daily activities. They try to spend their valuable time for respect to the queen. It was a special thing and they stayed there 14 hours since morning.  

David beckem is a world-famous football player who played for England national team. Also he is one of the oldest and the best influencers the world knew way before the social media age as well. Especially his signature hair cut is among the most popular fashion design in the world. Along with these conditions, David made himself available for the tribute delivery and he had to spend 12 hours in the queue. He spent almost 12 hours to approach the queen’s coffin in Westminster hall. He is a world famous character, but he wanted to respect her coffin with other country’s mourners. However he received most people’s attention.

Most reporters asked about this situation from become. He said that “you know something like this today is meant to be shared together”. He bought some donuts and shared with other queuers. According to this activity we can think about the Bekham’s condescension. The reporter young asked from him how he was feeling after the emotional week? “ we are all going through this,” he said. “  to be honest, it’s what we all envisioned. We all want to be here together,” replied Beckham.

Also Beckem said “ this day is difficult for nation and all around the world. because this funeral is feeling for family members and all us. Therefore we should share the sad feelings with everybody.” However he came early in the morning at 2 a. m. to Westminster hall. His aim was missing the crowds. But there was lot of people in that place. He could understand about the sadness and sill wanted to respect to the queen. 

Other people talked with him and they said that “ I have huge respect about this player who has become a legend. He is a wonderful man and he gathered to us for respect our queen elizebath. Also it is an amazing thing.” However people respect to him for his honorable quality.

All people can respect and visit the coffine until 6 a. m of The queen elizebath’s funeral day. The British government arranged the facilities for this event. However people’s que is not covered. There line was stretched for miles. The British government set the queue tracker for monitor the crowds.


There was a queen’s closed coffin and it draped with royal standard. The crown is on the coffin. Also there was a wreath of white flowers. This situation is grave and all people’s hearts are stopped for a moment. Because she is their queen and all people love and respect to her.

Not only Beckham, his wife Girl Victoria who is fashion designer was sad about the death of queen. Therefore she tweeted on the day of death. Also president of all the world respected to her. Most of them participated to this sad event.  


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