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Dave Engledow, World’s Best Father, with Daughter Alice Bee

Do you recall Jason Lee’s bizarre photos of his lovely daughters? Well, it appears that he’s up against some stiff competition for the title of World’s Best Father. Dave Engledow is making the most bizarre scrapbook ever, depicting himself and his daughter Alice Bee in perilous situations.

He never intended for the first photo of him holding Alice Bee like a football and pouring her milk into his coffee to become a series, but after seeing it, fans on the Internet demanded it. The “World’s Best Father” mug, which was purchased at the last minute before the photo was taken, became the focal point of the shot. Later, the same mug appeared in nearly every shot, giving the series its name.

Dave decided to publish a small-run 2012 calendar after noticing that the photos were becoming increasingly popular on the Internet. He plans to release a larger run in 2013 after it was swept from the shelves. However, his greatest wish is for his daughter to have something to cherish as the years pass.

Website: Engledow Art Photography



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