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Cristiano Ronaldo Rejects Coca-Cola At The Euro 2020 Press Conference

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest players in football. Ronaldo is generally among the best footballers of all time, we also say that the Juventus superstar has been a pioneer in the physical conditioning seen across the sport. He is notoriously tedious about his diet and exercise. His laser focus on fitness and well-being enabled him to continue playing at an elite level well into his thirties when many players withdrew. The Portuguese has already revealed that his diet consists of six mini-meals spread throughout the day, with plenty of fruits, vegetables, and clean protein such as fish or chicken cooked without oil. His favorite dish is a Portuguese classic called Bacalhau in Brás which is made up of layers of cod, onions, sliced potatoes, and black olives on top of eggs. Mostly, the sportsman drinks water – although revealed that he enjoys the occasional glass of juice with breakfast and wine with dinner. Speaking last year, Ronaldo revealed his frustration that his young son does not necessarily have the same obsession for his physical fitness that he does. “We will see if my son becomes a great footballer,” Ronaldo said at the Global Soccer Awards.’ Sometimes he drinks Coke and eats crisps and it irritates me, he knows that.

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 Besides, there are tens of thousands of stories of Ronaldo being the first to arrive at training and the last to leave, doing everything in his power to become the best version of himself possible. This is a very striking event as soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo removed the bottles of Coca-Cola that were on the Euro 2020 press conference table. Coca-Cola is the official sponsor of the entire tournament. But the Portuguese star did not lose time after sitting down. He removed the sparkling bottles from the view of the cameras and placed a water bottle in front of him. The reason is that this 36-year-old superstar athlete is very concerned about his health and does not consume carbonated beverages to maintain his health and physique. That occurred at the Euro press conference. He sat down to discuss the football match between Portugal and Hungary. His disapproval of “Coca-Cola” was clearly visible on his face as he removed the bottles from his sight as soon as possible. He also lifted up his water bottle saying, “Drink some water!” to the camera before placing the bottle right in front of it for the rest of the conference. Ronaldo is famous for maintaining very good health and physical well-being. Even at home, he does not allow his son to drink soft drinks or anything else that is not healthy.


Ronaldo moves away Coca Cola


Not only did the Juventus look completely bewildered by their presence, but he grabbed them and moved the glassware to the side. Then, the winner of the Ballon d’Or series held a bottle of water up and seemed to declare ‘agua’, which is Portuguese for ‘water’, to insinuate that it was the preferable refreshment to Coca Cola.




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