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Britney Spears’ Father Isn’t Her Conservator Anymore

Britney has finally been set free from her father’s grip after thirteen years. This is one of the most talked-about subjects in pop culture and entertainment. Britney and her #freebritney movement were able to bring this case to court after more than a decade of battle. It was eventually agreed that her father would have to relinquish his conservatorship in November. 

Following a series of public breakdowns, the courts appointed her father as her legal guardian. The purpose of appointing one is to ensure that she does not act inappropriately, which includes keeping track of her income, safety, and health. Jamie Spears, Britney’s father, took over the line, though. Continue reading by scrolling down. 


Britney Spearsbritneyspears


Britney SpearsSam Lavy

Consider what it would be like to live a life if you were always under someone’s control. Britney was not permitted to go shopping, out with friends, or virtually any other typical thing that people do on their own without her father’s approval and supervision. 


Britney Spearsbritneyspears


Britney SpearsKristopher Harris

There was no change, despite the fact that she was working hard and showed no symptoms of breakdowns. Her followers stood up for her with her uncomfortable internet remarks and these strange facts about the case. The movement started by her admirers and lasted for a long time until the court ordered Jamie to resign this year. Jamie also submitted his resignation at the same time. 


Britney Spearsbritneyspears


Britney Spearsbritneyspears

Britney is scheduled to appear in court on November 12th to be proclaimed completely free. This has become one of the most popular subjects at the moment, and many people all around the world are overjoyed by the news. Until the court makes a judgment, her money are being managed by a licensed accountant. Britney, on the other hand, is only a month away from being completely free! 


Britney Spearsbritneyspears

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