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Boyfriend Shaves his hair after his girlfriend’s first shave

This warming act of love has recently allowed tissues to reach many. The Viral Video of a loving boyfriend, posted initially on TikTok, shaving his head after his girlfriend Eva Bari’s first shave. Eva is a Monaco-based French law student with alopecia, which causes extreme hair loss and bald spots. Eva usually shafts her head during times of hair growth,s a little different. 

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Image credits: eva_barilaro

Eva asked her boyfriend to help during the most recent shaving session and recorded the process for TikTok to share. “I had to ask my boyfriend to shave my head again after months of my hair for the first time in the past ten years… the first time was my granddad,” she said below the Tik Tok. This video shows Eva sitting down and taking time to do it thoroughly as her boyfriend blows off her hair strands. Eva often seems depressed and distracted, yet courageous and stoic. From time to time, she looks.

Image credits: eva_barilaro

But the videos that left viewers in tears were the dramatic ending. Her boyfriend takes the cuttings to shave her bands after shaving down her ears. After seeing the boyfriend rustle down, the student bursts into tears, and the films end with the kisses and the embracing couple.

An alopecia-laden woman begged her boyfriend to shave her head after her fourth hair fell, but he remained “speechless” and teary-eyed when his hair shaved off as well.

Eva Barilaro, 23, was told in September 2010 when she was 13 years old that she had Alopecia Universalis, an autoimmune disorder causing hair loss.

She’d been growing her hair for months, but in May, it fell for the fourth time.

Eva was at first ‘convinced’ that her boyfriend, Dami Fabre, 26 years of age, would develop again but then asked her to shave her head.

Initially, he “rejected” that it looked “too beautiful,” but when they said that they “cannot stand and see it fall,” they accepted, filming an emotional moment to give it to their family and friends.

In the film, the boyfriend of Eva’s firefighter shaves her head and haircutters with her neighbor.

However, when Damien stops, he turns the clippers on his own back in a heart-warming moment.

He cries through the center of his head as his loving gesture breaks into tears.

Damien embraces Eva and kisses her as she looks teary before turning to help shave her remaining head.

Eva told her Damien he was ‘just like you are now,’ as it astonished her at his choice.

Image credits: eva_barilaro

Eva said: “I was trying my first response because I didn’t want him to be bald. I wanted to hang the fallen hair on my head.

‘But in the middle of his imagination, he had already drawn a highway. He was confused with all the possible emotions.”

When Damien wanted to shave his head, Eva, a graduate from Paris Institute of Political Studies in Business Law, said she was ‘speaking.’

She said: ‘At night, I took my time and thanked him wholeheartedly for making him realize his love of me was the greatest evidence. I felt I’m never going to be alone from now on. We formed a team.”

When Eva informed that she had alopecia, she said she had “about the same effects” as chemotherapy, four years of medication with high dose cortisone.

After posting the video on TikTok, people started talking to Eva and asked her how she felt, and she said it was ‘OK to feel sad, not as heavy,’ after a mixture of emotions.

She added: ‘It’s something to me every day to look in the mirror, so I was kind of upset when people began to question how I felt.

‘This was my everyday basis. I felt like people where it wasn’t as straightforward as they thought to start realizing my daily life. I never stop smiling. I wear lovely scarves or natural wigs. They’re going to be regular, never for me.

‘So it wasn’t that straightforward when the video went viral. It revived many memories and items which I had excavated deeply.”


After months growing my #hair for the first time in 10 years I had to ask my #boyfriend to #shave my #head again… first time was my granddad.

♬ Just the Way You Are – Boyce Avenue

Eva said she felt nothing at first, as she was comfortable with her as soon as relatives began to ask her what she was doing. Eva said she was shocked.

She said: ‘I thought it was ten years ago that I woke up and saw my face in a mirror of this kind in the morning. So why do people ask me how I feel now? This made me realize it was all right to be sad.

‘I’m still alone in front of my mirror even though I’m surrounded. People sometimes forget that it’s never normal for me if it’s normal for them.

‘Society imposes stereotypes under which we need to fit, but I do not believe these stereotypes exist. For me, there is no ‘difference.’ With its specifics, it’s not about differences, because nobody is the same.’ We are all special, with our own unique stories.

She encourages other people with alopecia so that nobody feels lonely again, saying, “We all deserve to be heard” and to be loved.

Eva said, ‘There is something you deserve to be cherished, regardless of what you are as a special human. And to be loved, you must learn to embrace yourself as the only and beautiful person that you are.”

Eva and Damien’s shared home in Monaco filmed this emotional moment on May 7.

The original films were posted on TikTok in May and exploded since then on other social media sites. The vidéo is now viewed over 11.5M times and received over 215K thanks to one Twitter user Rex Chapman. Since the video is online, it has become viral on various social media sites and emotionally linked to networks. Whereas many spread Barilaro’s support, others praised Fabre’s loving gesture.

Alopecia is an autoimmune disorder that occurs when a person’s immune system attacks hair follicles, which leads to hair loss patches. The severity and longevity of the disease differ from person to person, which is very unpredictable. Currently, there is no remedy for alopecia, although some can reduce hair loss. Some people grow out of their condition or have a hair loss only, while others struggle with the requirement for their entire lives.

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