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“Bad Photoshops”: 25 Images That Are (Almost) So Bad They’re Good

If you’ve ever used photo editing software, you probably already know how versatile it is. The only constraint is your creativity (and, to a lesser extent, the computing capabilities of your computer).

And even though the world is packed to the brim with Photoshop wizards and art and comedy professionals who make flawless transitions while constructing magnificent digital landscapes, there are far too many incompetent amateurs. Indeed, everyone must begin somewhere, and there is nothing wrong with learning from one’s mistakes. However, some photoshops are so incredibly poor that they should be pointed out.

That is precisely what the online community r/badphotoshop does. Members of this subreddit post the most hilariously lazy photo alterations ever to grace the Internet, whether they were created for businesses or personal albums. This article aims to make you laugh and feel better about your computer skills, regardless of their level.

Vote up the images that made you laugh the hardest, then tell us what you think in the comments. Oh, and those of you Pandas who make a living by editing photographs, beware: your jaws may drop, and you may have an overwhelming need to facepalm and clutch your pearls.


The initial comment says it all

The First Comment Sums It Up



Dad had a divorce and used paint to cover his ex-face. wife’s

Dad Got Divorced, Used Paint To Erase His Ex-Wife



I Cannot Cease Laughing

I Can't Stop Laughing


The ‘Bad Photoshop’ subreddit has been around for a while. It joined Reddit in December 2010 and is now a part of it. The sub has two community moderators and 20,600 members at the time of writing. For further details, Bored Panda has gotten in touch with the r/badphotoshop admins. As soon-as we hear-back from them, we’ll update the article.

The sub’s main idea is fairly straightforward. People are encouraged to upload “bad examples of altered photographs,” according to the moderators. Anything you can think of has probably been clumsily edited using photoshopping software.


Almost certainly, my favorite Photoshop fail. A professional apparently completed this for $200, as all the images are identical.

Probably My Favorite Photoshop Fail. This Was Apparently Done By A Pro For $200, All The Images Are Like This



He lost so much weight that the background person gained it.

He Lost So Much Weight, The Person In The Background Gained It



An Ad In My Phone’s News Feed. Wishing The Dog Well

An Ad On The News Feed On My Phone. Hope The Dog Is Ok


There is no-reason to make fun of the individuals responsible for these alterations. However, their “efforts” outcomes are worth a giggle. As long as someone is putting in the time and effort to enhance their talents and is willing to persevere through repeated failures to improve their Photoshop game, they have our utmost admiration.

Those who do shoddy edits on the spot and have no intention of pursuing anything slightly like excellence deserve to be called out online. At least they’re entertaining someone. This is already a victory, but it would be even better if it were deliberate.


What Happened To This Poor Dog’s Teeth?

What Is Going On With This Poor Dogs Teeth???



This was discovered by a company claiming to create “3D Realistic Floor Art.”

Found This From A Company That Claims To Make "3D Realistic Floor Art"

Why would you want a waterfall on the floor of your bathroom? I have so many questions. Why is the girl’s garment being carried by the wind? How are all of the fixtures able to float?



Wow, Grass That Remains Green During the Winter! (Detected on Zillow)

Wow, Grass That Stays Green In Wintertime! (Found On Zillow)


Though it is still feasible to be a professional photographer without digital software in the present day, its use is becoming increasingly common. Retouching images, altering colors, and correcting contrast may radically alter the tone of an image with just a few simple changes. Professionally, having a decent, robust set of editing abilities can be a godsend.


Sign up For A Local Beauty Supply Store

Ad For A Beauty Supply Store In My Area



This Thumbnail

This Thumbnail



I was searching Amazon for a cat carrier when I discovered this horror.

I Was Searching For A Cat Carrier On Amazon And Came Across This Monstrosity


Recently, Bored Panda chatted with Ohio photographer Dominic Sberna about photo manipulation. He stated that although computer software can be helpful, it is not all-encompassing. If you desire quality photographs, you cannot rely solely on them.

“At the end of the day, editing software cannot transform a poor photograph into a good one. A skilled photographer will have a keen eye for the topic being captured. Photo editing accentuates the details that the camera does not charge as effectively as the human eye, “he revealed to Bored Panda in an interview.


The Largest Snake Ever Found Is Popular With Crowds

Biggest Snake Ever Discovered Is Good With Crowds




Dog Pool



These Ads Are Totally Absurd!

These Ads Are Ridiculous!


Sometimes it is possible to recover a photograph. I’ve been able to do this with tasks that I had deemed unimportant. He says you can save a few shots if you have a decent hand in both cases.


The Other Campers, I Assume, Were His Dinner

I Think He Ate The Other Campers



Where Is Her Body?

Where Is Her Body?



Embark on This… Hellish… Magic Carpet Ride For Your Dog

This Magic Carpet Ride Through Hell... For Your Dog


“The resolution of an image cannot be improved by using software that inserts pixels. I can’t think of any right now, at least “He cautioned photographers that post-production editing wouldn’t fix everything.


Lost Both Legs in an Amazonian Bathtub

Amazon Seat Bath Tub. Model Lost His Legs



When you give it more attention, its flaws become more apparent.

The More You Look At It, The Worse It Gets



Bro What

Bro What


The extent to which you rely on photo editing software during the post-processing stage ultimately depends entirely on your objectives, your photographic style, and your personality. In other-words, everything will depend on how-much control you want over the result. Utilizing the resources at-your disposal will assist you in achieving the goals you have set for yourself.


Such Cute-Cats!

Such Cute Cats!



Bad Photoshop

Bad Photoshop



Indeed, it seems to be entirely accurate.

Yes, That Looks Very Real


“It depends greatly on the intention of the person holding the camera in their hands. The shot’s framing and the scene’s composition are the two most important aspects to consider when attempting to create a high-quality photograph from an artistic point of view. If you are only-interested in getting a funny photo, on the other hand, you shouldn’t worry about trivial matters such as that.”


Do you think this would be an excellent place to plant a row of bushes?

Bad Spot For A Row Of Bushes Don’t Ya Think..?



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