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Amazing Photoshop Skills Don’t Make An Artist But A Magician, This Is How To Do That

Photoshop is a breathtaking tool if you know how to use that properly.  Although a person uses it for replacing parts and do simple raster graphics, some others use it for surprises.  The range that the photoshop involves is from the edits to drawing necessities. But, doing magic will only be done by a professional Photoshop artist who has done lots of homework.

Stas Novikow is literally a Photoshop magician. What he does is not just using photoshop skills but involving his massive imagination. He literally turns himself into a giant while other samples show how imaginary he can be. Stas Novikow uses surreal backgrounds to make himself a magician. The realistic is at best indeed. For example, if an alien makes a visit to Earth and you start showing his photos along with real photos, that alien won’t understand what Stas Novikow’s edits. The artist shows a long running story by just extending his photoshop skills.

“In the pit where he used to sleep has become an excavating site. They look trying to lift him up in the end. Well. He is sleeping, to be honest. I think this is the Gulliver in 21st century” A reviewing fan had added his comments.

When it comes to the Instagram depiction, it seems his head is about to get slit through the Instagram icon. He has tried to show how addictive the mankind for the social media is. Wait, he has got one more notification to read which means, he can’t die now.

The ceiling breaking giant foot, the iron that chases the man in a clothing ocean, the sleeping diver, the pencil maker, and the florist are a few of his amazing work which you can see through his Instagram.  

The quality of the graphics he has used is amazingly high. This is not just for social media, but for saving and entertaining for a lifelong. Retouching, designing, vectoring, and layer management skills can be used to judge the artists’ skills which is a perfect one in every department.

Stas Novikow’s has got his own website where he is teaching his practices and hidden techniques for pupils. “This is not just another course but a place where anyone can   learn both theory and practice. Although most of the people believe that the creativity is a gift, it is not. I take the responsibility to make you think like I do. May be, you will be a great skilled photoshop manipulation the world has ever seen,” says Stas.  His course has got a set of videos in which you can see how he did those manipulations. Also, photography, vector designing as it is needed, retouching, and the basics will include.

Just a few of amazingly built graphics have been able to create an entire brand. E has got thousands of followers who dream to inspire his work. Stas Novikow’s skill is what made these things. What he has changed is just the imagination which you also can do with enough skills. You will also find these amazing skills in yourself after following his course.



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