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After seeing these images, you’ll want to recycle everything.

The world in which we now live is no longer secure or pleasant. Because of greed and the need for more, environmental pollution has surpassed tobacco as the top cause of mortality worldwide.  

Many innocent animals risk their lives due to the oil we waste in streams, the papers we dump on the floor, and the polythene we throw everywhere. I’m confident that we will soon be forced to pay for the oxygen we breathe. 

When they throw their trash all over the place and relax in their air-conditioned houses, no one thinks about anything but their own personal pleasure and satisfaction.   We aren’t affected by environmental contamination since we don’t have access to good drinking water. Our house wasn’t destroyed, and we’re not the ones forced to feed our children with sand! 

According to research, pollution kills 1 million seabirds and 100 million mammals each year. If we continue to neglect this problem, we will all suffer like never before. All of the world’s rainforests and glaciers will be gone, along with all of its animals. Until then, only inhuman humans will suffer the repercussions, and by then, it will be too late to do anything about it. 

Pictures like the ones below will help you see the world as it really is! Examine the data and make your own conclusions about what to do and not to do to avert disaster.  

a jellyfish’s cotton bud 

A cotton bud inside a jellyfish

Sealion with its mouth full of smashed plastic bottles 

A Sea Lion eating a plastic bottle

The plastic glove contains fish 

Fish trapped inside a plastic glove

The plunge of Sea Lion into Plastic Waste 

Sea Lions trapped in plastics

A razor snare led to the death of a bird. 

Bird trapped to death because of a razor 

Sea Turtles in Danger of Being Captured 

Trapped Sea Turtle

The crab is confined to an old bottle where it can’t get out. 

The crab lives in an old bottle

Plastic has encased birds’ necks and beaks. 

Birds neck and beak trapped in plastic 

This turtle’s waist couldn’t expand since it was encased in plastic. 

Trapped in plastic, this turtle’s waist couldn’t grow

Unable to open the bag due to the seal being locked inside 

Seal trapped in a plastic bag

A bird is killed by being snared. 

Bird trapped to death

Plastic is being consumed by a sea turtle. 

Sea turtle eating plastic

Blue whale in a polluted sea

Shark in a polluted sea

Trapped Duck

Trapped Duck

a sea turtle is caught in a fishing net by accident 

Seal trapped in a fishing net

A fishing net has snagged a sea turtle. 

Sea turtle trapped in a fishing net


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