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A woman takes award-winning photos of ants in her garden using her smartphone.

Ants are among the most bizarre animals on the planet. Did you know that they have the ability to carry up to fifty times their own weight? Did you know that Antarctica is the only place on the planet where there are no ants? These organisms mostly dwell in colonies, though they do occasionally reside in small groups. They’re also very social animals. These creatures are always busy and on the go, and we tend to overlook them most of the time. They are one of the most stunning species, as these images captured by Analiza Daran De Guzman, a photographer from the Philippines, demonstrate. 


Photo – The Rabbit Hole

Analiza spent hours in her yard photographing these critters with her smartphone and a piece of twine, and the results are stunning. The ants appear to be walking a tightrope, grasping these water droplets for balance. No extra equipment was utilized in the making of these photos, which were all captured with a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. One of her photos won the #Water2020 contest conducted by the photo app “Agora” in April. On February 28th, this photo-sharing service started a contest in which hundreds of amateur and professional photographers competed to submit the most magnificent photographs of lakes, oceans, seas, and rivers. 


Photo – The Rabbit Hole

“Water molecules are a blend of millions of years of history and have traveled through numerous oceans, continents, and humans of all kinds,” says Octavi Royo, Co-Founder and CEO of Agora. Throughout history, it has transitioned from a liquid to a solid state numerous times. Today, we’ll look at the best #Water photos from a given period in history. A chance to immortalize the finalist photographers’ points of view and share them with the world through Agora, so they can become part of humanity’s collective memories and treasures. #Water2020 is a force to be reckoned with!” 


Photo – The Rabbit Hole


Photo – The Rabbit Hole


Photo – The Rabbit Hole


Photo – The Rabbit Hole


Photo – The Rabbit Hole


Photo – The Rabbit Hole


Photo – The Rabbit Hole

#10Photo – The Rabbit Hole



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