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A New Ancient Human Face Found In Israel

Israel was a trending topic in last couple of months despite the pandemic. As a country that has a longer war history than any other modern world country, Israel has produced an ancient proof regarding the evolution. Unlike the ancient skull from the Chin that discovered in 1933, this one has come a bit later. Scientist have counted the date of the carbon that dates back to the 100,000BC. According to the scientists, these are the handpicked remains from a developed human civilization. Researchers have found the new human species near Ramla in Israel, where lots of ruins have been discovered from a long time.

The journal science has mentioned these facts in the weekly edition. The proof for these things come from the unidentified human remains that consist of skull parts and the jaw.  

The researchers assume that this can be a member that belongs to the ancient revolutionary tribes that spread the living humans in different parts of the world as well. The latest discovery will have the needed potential to change the known history to the mankind as well. Because, scientists in the archaeologists had thought that the human spreading had happened a long time ago that can date back to millions of years. Along with the latest found remains, we have to believe that the human spreading had started in the known history.

The latest found species has been named as the Nesher Ramla Homo type. As an honor to the region it was found, scientists had added the Ramla n to the name as well. Dr Hila May is one of the archeological professor at the Tel Aviv University who has joined to the research campaign. She has mentioned that this will be something extremely new. “This will be a new thing that can turn the human evolution upside down. Although we had been thinking that the Neanderthals was in the Europe only. According to the latest discoveries, we can assume that even Israel had been a place for the Neanderthals”.

According to Dr. Hoila, all has happened from Israel. The Neanderthals have stepped into Europe from Israel. It means that not only the Arabian region has had the human populations in the history but in the Israel region too. When coming to the Nesher Ramla Homo origin, researchers assume that they had been living in the Ramla for more than 300000 years as well. It means, these settlers have had quite impressive evolutionary steps. Although some parts of the skull and the jaws can’t state that, more features

“There are lots of remains that have been found from different parts of the Levant. But, we could not connect them as there were lots of dots. But, these remains have facilitated a great atmosphere to connect all the missing lines. I think this will be a giant step that can connect the whole world,” said Dr Rachel Sarig, a professor from the University of Tel Aviv. 

According to Dr. Rachel Sarig, this region is enriched with lots of historical proof that can even change the world’s known history. Zuttiyeh and Tabun areas are known for several historical sites where scientist have found different types of remains from the fossils.  The conclusion of Dr. May is that the newly found human species is bond with the Neanderthals.

“The European Neanderthals were born in this region and then moved to Europe where they then started their living. The natural factors as well as the challenges made them the current appearance they have, when it close to the Chinese and South Asian human species, they also moved to those regions after born in here.” That is how Prof Israel Hershkovitz approves what Dr. May has insisted. “Some of the fossils found in the European and Chinese regions have the similarities to the specimen found in Ramla. Therefore, we have a good understanding that the world’s earliest human sellers are from Israel region” says Prof Israel Hershkovitz. As Prof Israel Hershkovitz sees these things, he is proud of what he is seeing at present. If it is true, the known history will have to be started from Ramla. On the other hand, Jews have a fair fight and a pure meaning for expanding their lands as well.

Prof Chris Stringer has got a better comparison between the fossils in the Israel and the all others around the world. He states that at least one features is similar in the comparisons. Although he doesn’t have a fair comparison between the samples in China, he is working on the process even now. “I’m pretty sure that the skull and the jaw parts have got specific physical characteristics that can be identified in all sorts of remains in the world. It means that the known world’s origin comes from our motherland”. 

However, the professor has got few other challenges as well. The co-existence of all other species in the world at the same time, when the species was born, is one of them”. If the Chris’s logic is a good one, the existence of another developed species will not be a possibility. But, Chris has plenty of time to find another remains from 400,000 years back to prove that the origin for the human breath has been blown from Israel.

The Nesher Ramla remains are from an area where lots of evidences have been found. Some people introduce Ramla area as a sinkhole where lots of histories have either been associated or created. Old tools, fossils, as well as pre-historic features have been found in this area. When it comes to the latest history, the people who lived in this area have had a more decent history than any other human in the history. For example, the findings of thousands of stone tools have settled the awesomeness of the Ramla area. 

Dr Yossi Zaidner is from Hebrew University who studies and saes the highlights of the latest findings. He thinks that the people lived in the Ramla area, within the last 50000 years back, have had a smarter living than the other human species. While all other species were moving in to other parts of the worlds and been facing challenges, Nesher Ramla might have been developing their skills. “Living in a specific part of the world can save lots of energy as well as efforts. While other travelers were trying either to survive or depend on the strength, the genuine Nesher Ramla species might have tried something smarter,” said Dr Yossi Zaidner.

Dr Yossi furthermore explained that there could be more reasons than the ones the researchers think for the advanced tool usage by the Nesher Ramla. The improved communication, social habits, as well as the civilization skills might have affected them.



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