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A Hamster, a Dog, and 8 Birds Became Best Friends

We must all acknowledge that our buddies are all extremely different from one another. There is a talker, a player, a gossiper, someone who is constantly hungry, someone who is always thinking about their spouse, and the list goes on and on in every group. People like these are vital because they give the gang additional color, and diversity is what keeps the group interesting. 

Have you ever observed that animals form many friendships with creatures that are not of their species? I’m guessing you don’t. Animals frequently remain with members of their species. However, we were able to make several pals that were quite different from one another but always the finest. 

A dog, eight birds, and a hamster make up this gang. Bob, the affable golden retriever, is the gang’s leader, and he appears to be dealing with everyone else in a calm and patient manner. They reside in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and have become Instagram superstars as a result of their human’s photos. They appear to get along well with one another, and many people are enamored with their photographs. 

So, scroll down to see some of them, and don’t forget to tag your strange pals in the comments! 

Image Credit & More Info: facebook | Instagram

#1. To pose, stand on a line! 

#2. Me, with my prize! 

#3. This is who we are. 

#4. It’s as though you’re living beneath a blanket. 

#5. The most ideal spot for a snooze! 

#6. This is exactly how we feel in bed! 

#7. Oh, let’s pretend to be dead! 

#8. Please don’t say anything! 

#9. Can you have our secrets. 

#10. See, Hpw Me on my pillow!

#11. Aww! Look at how adorable he is! 

#12. I can’t get any sleep because of this person. 

#13. You may all take a break on my arms! 

#14. Please don’t eat that! 

#15. It’s a great spot to hide! 

#16. Hello, Look at my hat!

#17. Go Go away!

#18. I’m all set for a trip. 

#19. No, I’m furious with you all! 

#20 Please don’t do that! 

#21. Take a look at what they’ve done to me. 

#22. A photo of the family. 

#23. We’re exhausted. 



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