Even though she is only fifteen months old, this little girl is already brave enough to accompany her family’s 1000-pound horse on a walk around their farm. However, things are much-easier when you have a gentle giant four-legged companion by your side. To top it all off, the unlikely pair became friends before the mini-human was even born, so you can only imagine how close they have become.

Facebook/Daily Mail Animals

Even though she can barely stand on her own two feet, the little girl carefully grasps the horse’s leash and walks away, the animal following behind her. The (relatively brief) ride is two dogs accompanying the couple. A member of the family managed to capture the heartwarming moment on camera. Soon after, the video clip was shared on the internet, and it quickly became famous among viewers. In Macclesfield, Victoria, Australia, a small farm was set for this tender moment.

“I can’t stop watching this because the horse is so sweet and so so calm and gentle, and the baby is absolutely adorable,” said one of the most applauded comments on the video. In contrast, another viewer wrote: “The gentle patient horse.” Animals are aware of the presence of babies and are careful not to harm them.”

Facebook/Daily Mail Animals

Even though it was less than a minute long, the adorable video quickly went viral on social media, garnering millions-of-views to date. Despite this, not everyone agreed with it. Some viewers expressed their displeasure with the parents for allowing such a young child to be so close to a massive horse. “It’s adorable, but a baby that young on a horse?? I’m not sure what to make of the parents’ decision??? One person wrote on the forum; nobody knows what will happen with the horse, even if it is gentle,” one person wrote on the forum.

What are your thoughts on it? Take a look at this!

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