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9 Weird Things That Were Once Considered Normal

Many times you may have thought to yourself, “This world is too strange.” There are people who do insane things that are difficult to comprehend, and depending on how you view them, you may have felt strange or great.

Everything, on the other hand, is changing every second. Fashions, trends, traditions, beliefs, and a variety of other things that we followed years ago would now appear meaningless and insane to you. With the passage of time, our thought patterns change as well, and if you look back at old photos from years ago, you might notice how ridiculous you appear!

As a result, we decided to share some images with you that depict how the world was a few decades ago. Some of the things depicted in these images appear to be incomprehensible to modern law and way of life, and you could even call them barbaric and violent. So, scroll down to see these unusual photos, and don’t forget to let us know what you think.

#1. Cocaine treatment

Years ago, cocaine was not considered a dangerous substance. It was widely available in drug stores and was advertised as a treatment for coughs and toothaches. It was widely advertised alongside other pharmaceutical drugs and was prescribed for children as a sedative.

#2. Sending kids through the mail

Smithsonian Institution/

It may seem absurd, but Americans used to send their children through the mail, and it was perfectly legal. If their children weighed no more than a standard parcel, it cost only 15 cents.

#3. Garden hermit

Johann Baptist Theobald Schmitt/Wikipedia Commons

Garden hermits were popular among the wealthy in the 18th century. These garden hermits lived with a personal hermit who was not allowed to cut their nails or hair. Owners were proud to display their hermit in front of visitors and considered having a hermit at home a privilege.

#4. Doubtful treatment method

Medical Archives/Wikipedia Commons

Doctors had no idea about disinfection a few decades ago, so they used strange methods like bloodletting as a cure for all diseases, tongue cutting to prevent stammering, and lobotomy and electric shock treatments. Famous orthopedic surgeons like Lewis Sayre (pictured with a patient) performed numerous operations that resulted in death.

#5. Radioactive toys

Webmc/Wikipedia Commons

In the 1950s, radiation was thought to be relatively safe, and ‘atomic’ toys were given to children as mini-laboratories. This set of experiments included small amounts of real polonium and uranium.

#6. Human zoos

[1958] Human Zoo in Brussels Belgium white spectator interacting with young black child 1958

In these human zoos, people from Asia and Africa were displayed as “proof” of Darwin’s theory. This deplorable form of entertainment has been around for a long time, and the photographs were taken in a Belgian zoon in 1958.

#7. ‘Amusement excursions’ to mental hospitals. (Wellcome Images)

Wellcome Images

In the past, patients in psychiatric hospitals were treated horribly. Even though the patient’s relatives paid for their stay, the staff rarely fed them. Visitors were allowed to look at them or poke them with a small stick in exchange for a small amount of money. Asylum owners turned them into a business by allowing visitors to see them.

#8. Body parts collection

Australian War Memorial/Wikipedia Commons

Collecting body parts was once a popular pastime among people. At home, respectable gentlemen had their own pathoanatomical rooms, and even soldiers were allowed to bring their enemy’s skull home. During the Second World War, an American soldier is depicted with the skull of a Japanese soldier.

#9. Smoking during pregnancy due to a doctor’s prescription. (

Although smoking is now considered to be harmful to one’s health, it was once recommended by American doctors to pregnant women in order to relieve constipation.



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