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9 Tough But True Illustrations That Demonstrate How Our Society Has Changed

Let’s be honest. There is no turning back now that we are living in the digital era. Social media is becoming one of the most powerful impacts on society. It has a beneficial and bad impact on us. Social media was created with the intention of allowing individuals to share fascinating aspects of their life with their friends, but it has evolved into so much more. It is currently a means of disseminating knowledge throughout the world. People frequently learn about current events first through Twitter or Facebook, rather than through traditional news outlets. 

We also rely on technology in almost every aspect of our lives. People nowadays appear to be unable to go anywhere or do anything without their cellphones, tablets, or laptop computers. They must keep in touch with people via technological gadgets at all times. 

However, becoming overly reliant on social media and technology gadgets has its drawbacks. We are overly reliant on them, and as a result, we are blind to the harm we are causing ourselves. Too much connectivity may have a detrimental impact on our lives and society at large. Here are 9 real-life examples of how the usage of technology has a detrimental influence on our society. 

1. Facebook is consuming your time. 

Facebook is eating away your time

How much time do you spend on Facebook or other social networking sites on a daily basis? Is it interfering with your work? Do you ever find yourself squandering so much time that you have no idea where it goes? If you answered yes, Facebook may have taken up some of your time. 

2. We’ve turned into “Likeaholics.” 


Is it only for the sake of seeing how many of your Facebook pals will give it a thumbs up when you publish something? Some people are treating Facebook “Likes” as if they were a narcotic they needed to inject into their bloodstreams, as seen in this picture. 

3. Our technological devices take precedence over our lives. 


Which would you pick if you had to choose between your dwindling phone battery and your own death? In this scenario, the individual in the artwork opted to use his phone to keep himself alive. We need to be more conscious of our priorities as a society. 

4. Families aren’t spending enough time together as a result of this. 

mother baking

What are the kids doing as their mother bakes holiday cookies? They are not in the kitchen with their mother baking cookies. Instead, everyone of them is engrossed in his or her own technological gadget. Parents used to babysit their children while watching television. The work is now done by a tablet, phone, laptop, or video game. 

5.  We’d rather take a picture of someone than assist them. 


This image has a lot going on. A black man is drowning and is pleading for assistance. A gun is pointed towards one of the participants. The other guy has his iPhone pointed at him and is filming the situation, but he is uninterested in assisting this man. 

6. Society is dozing off, snoozing away its days. 

sleeping your life away

Time is a valuable commodity. We are wasting the most important money we have — our time in this world – after wasting so much time on social media. 

7.  Despite our technological advancements, we still desire what others possess. 

wanting what someone else is having

The grass is always greener on the other side, according to an old adage. This picture depicts how, despite having everything, we are still unhappy with our life. 

8. Sensationalism continues to be popular. 

free expression

Despite today’s information overload, the media continues to seek sensationalism. Here’s a woman who believes she has something to say, but the media is only interested in her because she’s nude. If she wasn’t standing there topless, would the press media still have microphones in front of her? 

9. Ultimately, we are still harming the earth as a result of all of this. 

gun to mother earth

Despite our technical advancements, we continue to pollute the world as if we had a virtual pistol pointing at Mother Nature, according to this last depiction. How much more harm can we do before putting our lives in danger if we create bigger cities and greater technology? 



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