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7 Amazing Job Leavers shared their experience after being fired

Being fired from your current job can be one of the hardest things you had to share. That fear puts lots of people a slave under the boss. But, everything you get in your life is what you take in. These 07 experiences will explain how simply you can tolerate them.

“I had wanted leaves for my surgery, and I wanted to get my boss’s permission for the annual leaves. But, he told me that the company can’t bear it as already 3 more people are having the annual leaves. Also, the implied to me that it is likely to feel sorry for my post if I take leaves. I just said, fine, either I take my annual leaves or I am not going to return after the leaves at all” A few days before, this employee had visited the office and saw the replacement for her work. Surprisingly, the replaced employee has informed to the employee, that the post will be waiting until she returns from her work.

“My kids made me a call and informed my pet was having a serious illness. As I was working, I went to my boss and told that I have to go before one or the off time. Also, I told him what the real issue was. Then my boss told me that It is a no and UI should have told her earlier about this. “I’m sorry boss, I wish I knew my dog was going to die. So, I could have requested an hour leave about a year ago. That happened right in the middle of the office space and everybody heard what I just told to boss. “Yes you may go” that was the boss’s final answer.

“Our sales had dropped due to a regular theory of having ups and downs.. Our boss was shouting at us like it was the regular thing for our careers. My friend stood and mentioned that it was the eighth week and this thing had happened after successful 07 weeks as well. The Boss’s reply was, “My friend has a loser’s mind and there is not any single progress even in his words. My friend told the boss, “I’m done with this**t”. The boss wanted a written letter and my friend did that too. He had left me a note too, saying, “Bud, I have to go. I can’t no longer work with this p**nk.  All of us knew that my friend was a hard worker and he was a great inspiration. Although boss could explain the loss for the loss of an employee, his career ruined due to the lack of sales in the next couple of months. The most important thing about the boss was the note left by my friend. “Dear Bob, I’m off. Go Screw Yourself”.

“After 20 years of hard work, we brought our company into an international one. The end result was the management’s concern was our bathroom timing which was irritating for every employee in the company.  One of the employees had replied, “So… what are you supposed to do if not enough time? Stop halfway?” That’s all. Neither frustration for the employee nor the management.

“My boss wanted me on the spot for the next holiday as he had a load of clearing storage work to do. He mentioned that it is not fair to allocate our precious time for storage cleaning like stuff. So, I didn’t even try a bargain and be there the next day morning when I realized it was not an office work. After opening the storage unit I realized that it was full of boss personal stuff, his childhood cloth, toys, and unnecessary documents like stuff.  I just told him, that it was not a smart move.  Had you promised me a compensation award or a small truth, I would have done this entire work but not now.”

“I was seventeen then when I was working in a restaurant. One of the drunken employees had peed on the floor. My boss wanted me to clean this stuff while I was working in the kitchen. Besides, cleaning the bathroom was not a part of my job either. I simply said no. Then the boss threatened me, saying that she would fire me unless I do that work. I said, “Although I am fired or not, you have to clean that stuff either way”. My boss had to clean that herself and I wasn’t fired either. That is still a precious memory to remember as an adult. Then was when I knew how to handle a boss!


You might already know that having a boss is not equal to have a god. Although he/she is responsible for lots of decisions regarding your job, you don’t have to do everything he says. What he is capable of doing is just taking back the job. Although he does that, it doesn’t mean that either your talents or experiences just vaporize. Standing against him for the injustice will be a precious gift that you have got.



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