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30 Horrible Designs That Had To Be Shared With The Rest Of The World (New Pics)

No brilliant designer is born knowing how to do their job. This means that before they got to where they are now, they had to do their fair share of bad designs. After all, it is said that practice makes perfect. Some designers, on the other hand, appear to have forgotten about the “learn from your mistakes” portion and continue to produce dreadful designs that make us wince every time we see them.

Crappy Design is a subreddit with over 2.6 million members who share the worst designs they’ve come across on a regular basis, and when I say “awful,” I mean it. In the gallery below, see some of the most heinous crimes against design shared in this online group! 

#1 Great Image To Help Your Kid Not Freak Out While Getting A Haircut

Image source: g_nome7

#2 Gas Station In Nebraska. The Station’s Color Scheme Was Red. They Tried To Get Artsy

Image source: aspiecat7

#3 Not Where Earphones Go

Image source: Grognak42

#4 Best Cat Carrier To Contain Your Sexy Cat

Image source: moos_in_space

#5 This is the Bench. It’s really hot where I live, and sitting in this park is impossible.

Image source: RocketSmash9000

#6 The Placement Of This Baby’s Head Wasn’t Quite Thought Through

Image source: ninimalini

#7 Lex? Derp? Lox? Nope, It’s Supposed To Say Jax For Jacksonville, Florida For $18 Million Dollars

Image source: baltinerdist

#8 The New School In My Community Has A Wheel Chair Access Button For The Door, But No Way For A Person In A Wheel Chair To Reach It

Image source: crimxie

#9 Women’s Jeans, I Want The Rest Of My Pocket

Image source: evening_shop

#10 Pet Clippers That Let You Pull Naked Dogs Out Of Furry Behinds

Image source: ssorrenidrag

#11 Rénovations Done To A 500 Years Old Tower

Image source: scepticeye

#12 Why Is Clear A Green Button While Enter Is Yellow? I Kept Accidentally Clearing My Pin

Image source: veeveemarie

#13 This Sign At The Akron Zoo That Looks Like A Man Peeing In His Own Face

Image source: -Error-UserNotFound

#14 Striped Carpet On Hotel Stairs. Hard To Use Even After Two Weeks And Completly Sober

Image source: OilCareful8232

#15 Her Face Is Not Ok

Image source: lololy87

#16 They Just Don’t Go Together

Image source: terbiun

#17 A Speed Bump On An Downhill Slope With No Drainage?

Image source: M_Alex

#18 Easy Way To Piss Off A Mailman

Image source: popstarter

#19 If You Say So!

Image source: TML_31

#20 Thought It Was A Different Language At First

Image source: TitanicsAnInsideJob

#21 The Sign Says “Teaching Kids Good Manners”, But It Looks Like You’re Just Yeeting The Baby Into Trash

Image source: alphaMrWave

#22 The Marbling In These Floor Tiles Makes It Look Like Someone Pooped All Over The Floor

Image source: thisshortenough

#23 This Is Not Vitamin D; It’s An Emoji On A Bottle Of Magnesium

Image source: archfapper

#24 Maybe I Shouldn’t Park Here

Image source: 1pcbetterthanxbox

#25 They Sell Suitcase Covers.. But The Photoshop Is Just Awful

Image source: suscript25

#26 Got This As A Gift And Honestly I Don’t Want To Throw It Away Just Because It’s Terribly Funny

Image source: AmberedVal

#27 Sure, Place An Ad With A Guy Drinking Water Next To Rubbing Alcohol Of The Same Brand

Image source: labanapoy

#28 This Unfortunate Placement Of A Handle

Image source: loselmuh

#29 Is This Andre The Giant’s Treadmill?

Image source: phillypharm

#30 Much More Convenient!

Image source: J-P-4711



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