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21+ Images That Speak Louder Than Words About The Reality Of Today’s World!

The world in which we live is not one where everyone laughs and enjoys themselves all of the time, where parents interact nicely with their children, or where people appreciate nature. Though we want to see it as a lovely place full of love and happiness, the reality is quite different. We witness people leaving their homes early in the morning and returning at dusk, and these folks appear to be more like robots than human beings. They don’t even have time to talk to their children, and they’re all in a nonstop rush to make money. They evaluate their lives based on the amount of money they have rather than the wonderful experiences they have accumulated. So, at the end of the day, these people have nothing to be glad about but their worries. 

We observe people contributing money to the poor, but the end goal behind these acts is debatable because we see them doing these things only to make a good name for themselves rather than with the genuine intention of assisting. They upload images of the family dining together, but there is no affection or tie between the members of the family in reality. We see couples going on dates and writing status updates about how much they love their soulmate, but in reality, they fight on a regular basis and are unconcerned with the other’s sentiments. 

Individuals who commit all of the world’s crimes live far better than those who work hard to make a living, and the place and importance placed on education is problematic, since modern people appear to fill their heads with coins rather than books. They cherish three hours of staring at the TV screen followed by a family discussion, and everyone appears to be engulfed in their own electronic worlds that have no relationship to human emotions. As a result, in this type of scenario, human beings becoming into robots is unavoidable. 

People are more interested in free Wi-Fi than free books as a result of the fast adoption of technology, and we witness teenagers tossing their books and squandering their time on their phones, looking for love and friendship in strange places while disregarding the tangible human figures around them. This technology has aided people in finding quick love and romance, and most couples who meet through social networking sites generally split up soon after since they only understand the truth about themselves when they begin to converse in person. Then they realize that the elaborate universe they have created is a farce, but it may be too late. 

As a result, the images below will say a lot more than that, and I’m confident they’ll touch your heart. So take a look and think about your role in various things; I only have one thing to say: it’s not too late to change!  (H/T)































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