Taking care of children is a difficult task. Every parent has a problem dealing with their children, who nowadays appear to be born with their own set of problems. Despite this, children are a true blessing in life. You’re willing to die for this kind of miracle. The following images demonstrate how children can instantly brighten your mood. Regardless of the issues you’re forced to deal with on a daily basis, you come home to find your child wearing your wife’s wigs and walking around the house. There hasn’t been a scarier feeling than discovering a long-haired ghost wandering around the house! Aside from jokes, children can be truly hilarious, pulling off a variety of tricks and jokes that adults are unaware of. You’ll love what you see if you’re having a bad day (and, coincidentally, don’t have a kid to cheer you up!).

#1 Potentially The Best Answer My Daughter Has Ever Given On A Worksheet

Ms_Sugarbaker -Via

#2 One Step Away From Heart Attack

adex0057 -Via

#3 The Reaction of My Daughter When She Holds Her New Baby Sister She was a lot heavier than the dolls she was practicing on.

vassili_zaitsev -Via

#4 For their school play, these kids were asked to dress up as elves. One youngster dressed up as Elvis Presley.

ChickenFilletRoll -Via

#5 My Daughter Looks Like A Mom That Regrets All Her Life Decisions

ilovepretzles69 -Via

#6 Level 100 of Imagination My 2-year-old daughter made a pillow out of chalk and then took a nap.

mpbishop -Via

#7 His Sister Is In Good Hands

Janile Gross -Via

#8 Mystery Of The Wine Bottles

azedi -Via

#9 Words Of The Week

#10 Little Kids Are The Best

funny -Via

#11 My Daughter Thought This Was Her. Bonus: My Son In The Background.

Trampolice -Via

#12 My Daughter Looks Like She Just Destroyed An Entire Sith Army

Fruitlessbox -Via

#13 My Kid Is Sharp

Shock_and_Awwwwww -Via

#14 My Daughter’s Personality Expressed Perfectly Through Her Outfit Selection

hoodliner987 -Via

#15 Today is my friend’s 3-year-old son’s first day of preschool.

beastman99 -Via

#16 Little Sister Was Invited To The “Princess Party”. But She Wanted To Be A Puppy

r_confused -Via

#17 Getty Washington

ilikeoldgaming -Via

#18 Drew, my 6-year-old son Her father, myself, and her younger brother. We’re going snorkeling.

Beth Fanstone -Via

#19 This Christmas, I requested artwork for my new apartment. May I present “Butterflies,” a painting created entirely with my nieces’ buttcheeks. Lovely

hfletch13 -Via

#20 Honesty In My Son’s Homework

LucentPhoenix -Via

#21 At the very least, my daughter is attractive.

whatIsReddit_2015 -Via

#22 My Kindergarten Teaching Experience In A Nutshell

LaPagina -Via

#23 My Son’s Hide-And-Go-Seek Spot

GarbageDumpOfAssholz -Via

#24 The Bunny’s Face Says It All

#25 Nostalgia

newdadnotes -Via

#26 My Son Is One “Those” Kids

makenzie71 -Via

#27 An 8-Bit Child

Falls_Up -Via

#28 My daughter despises the sun, and she drew a picture of herself screaming at it.

hoodliner987 -Via

#29 My Nephew’s Attire When He Met My Boyfriend

halcyonwade -Via

#30 Counseling for Grief and Loss Sessions with Children is something I do. This 5-year-old is wise beyond her years, according to her parents.

Olliebean6 -Via


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