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08 People Succeeded With Stupid Works That They Never Thought They really Were

1. The Upside Down Umbrella That Went Viral

 An image of an umbrella went viral due to its amazing use. The image had been shown of a person who seemed to use it to collect the tools while repairing a boats flywheel. He had hung the umbrella on the flywheel of a boat right under his body. The boat is stopping near the bay area and anything drops will reach the bottom of the ocean.  As one of the great way to find a solution for losing his equipment, it looks to be a stupid solution.

2. The Painter Who Used His Duct Tape for a car

A car has been covered round round its body using a duct tape. Since the dcuts tapes color is silver, no one will identify the difference for sure. When coming to the real life problem, either rain or a muddy material can easily ruin this scenario. But, the person who did the paint job using the duct tape has done a great job. It looks the vehicle has survived the barriers so far.

3. The Old Boat Pool

A bot usually cannot have holes while travelling on the water as water should not be allowed in. When considering the fact upside down, any liquid in the boat cannot go outside too. The same principal has been used by someone who intends to enjoy an inexpensive boat. An image shows that a boat ha been turned into a water pool by someone along with great care. The bluish inner paint, the stage, and the stairs have been created amazingly. The well set up water pool is an insane thing for sure. Although it seems normal to anyone, the fiber material will provide an extensive use for sure.

4. What’s wrong with the envelope?

An image went viral due to its surprising sealing strategy. Although either glue or a sticky material is used for an envelope, a letter was found with a plaster ceiling. Although it is not a something that a person usually does, the necessary task had been fulfilled. Lots of comments had include regarding the “Letter Plastering”. Since the glue is less expensive than the plaster, this is almost a stupid thing to do.

5. The Prius Limo

A person had tweeted as “This guy came with a car with 06 doors in it. Also, he mentioned that he had two wrecked Toyota Prius cars and he collected all of them t create a car with 06 doors.” The man has found a great job in combining all those parts together. But, the power and the electricity like factors were not revealed. But, according to the image caption, it looks have been great.

6. The Poland Bicycle with Steering wheel

A bicycle had been captured along with a steering wheel instead of the handle. Although it seems to be fine, the grip has not worked well as it has become loosen. People had inquired about the breaking of the bicycle, which was looking to be a stupid way to handle the existing resources.

7. The Boot attached to the Pipe

The flowing of roof water has to be made slower as it can wash away your cement floor. After passing few years, you might have lost the bottom part that reduces the speed of the water. When it comes to such occasions, you have to fi the exact plumbing parts as not only slowing of the water but the bending has to be conducted. A picture had gone viral due to an amazing use of a boot as the bottom part of the rainwater pipe. The boot had been wrapped to the bottom of the pipe using a cable. Not only the water flow will be slowing down but the direction will be changed. As a temporarily fixing, things will be normal until few months pass. After that the boots foot will be torn apart.

8. How to Wash your clothe while driving

Do you know what happens in a washing machine? Well, that can be a yes, rotating more and more your clothes. What if you can use the rotating of a vehicle’s wheel? Surely, you will be able to use that rotation for washing your clothes. This can be confirmed as one person has not only tried but shared in social media. A closed plastic container has been added on a wheel to have the cloths washed. But, this is something that can be categorized as a stupid action. The wheel balance will go at stakes while committing this task as well as accidents may occur.

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